Meet the team

The RSO is led by two Co-Managers representing the Australian and Indonesian governments. The wider RSO team is drawn from across the Bali Process membership and further afield, with current team members hailing from Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Myanmar, the Philippines, New Zealand, Romania, Sri Lanka, the US and the UK.
RSO Co-Managers
David Scott
RSO Co-Manager (Australia)
Fuad Adriansyah
RSO Co-Manager (Indonesia)
Programme Coordinators
Evan Jones
Programme Coordinator (Communications, Capability and Enquiry)
Will Legge
Programme Coordinator (Policy, Partnerships and Capacity Development)
Programme Managers
Devmi Dampella
Programme Manager (Irregular Migration and Regional Priorities)
Ravi Mahalingam
Programme Manager (Countering People Smuggling)
Claire Quinn
Programme Manager (Governance and Capability)
Ryan Winch
Programme Manager (Transnational Crime and Technology)
Rose Wu
Programme Manager (Communications and Engagement)
Eun Jung Yi
Programme Manager (Border and Migration Management)
Programme Manager (Countering Trafficking in Persons)
Programme Officers
Laitheam Eang
Management Support Officer
Lindsay Erjavic
Programme Officer (Transnational Crime and Technology)
Wendy Htet
Programme Officer (Communications and Engagement)
Sorracha Paranpoonnagan
Programme Officer (Governance and Capability)
Florentina Tudose
Programme Officer (Irregular Migration and Regional Priorities)
Andi Yurdi
Programme Officer (Border and Migration Management)
IOM Support Team
Amela Mujagic
Back-Office Manager
Yaowaree Sincharoenpanich
Finance Assistant
Manisha Gorowara
Administrative Assistant
Suangsuda Rojanawichian
Administrative Assistant
Secondees and Interns
Sopheakneat Chum (current)
Intern (Communications & Engagement)
Salma Husna (2024)
Diplomat (Attache), Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and RSO Secondee (2023-24)  
Tuan Meedin (2023)
Assistant Superintendent of Police, Sri Lanka and RSO Secondee (2023)
Team Structure

This Organogram provides further detail on the RSO team structure.

Organogram – Website version JUNE24