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01 November 2023 | Event
RSO Aceh Alumni implement learnings into their workplaces

The RSO reconvened with participants from the Training Workshop for Frontline Officials on Screening and Referring Vulnerable Migrants, which took place in Aceh, Indonesia in July 2023, to hear from participants about their efforts in taking what they learnt during the workshop and implementing their Return to Work Action Plans.

Return to Work Action Plans

Aceh is an arrival point for many vulnerable migrants, and the training—a first of its kind for the RSO—was designed to meet local needs. Participants came from Indonesian National Police, Indonesia Coast Guard, Social Department, Immigration Aceh, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the training designed to enhance knowledge in interviewing and referring vulnerable migrants landing on the shores of Aceh.

The RSO Return to Work Action Plans are an important part of our capacity building and training efforts, encouraging participants to consider how to put their learning into practice, share insights with colleagues, and shape ways of working in their own areas. The RSO is highlighting three outstanding participants who have made significant steps to implement their Return to Work Action Plans.


Fachryan, Head of the Immigration Intelligence and Enforcement section of the Sabang Immigration Office, described efforts to strengthen collaboration on human trafficking and migrant issues cases through interagency coordination.

He highlighted efforts to expand networks among different agencies and support their collective ability to respond effectively when dealing with trafficking in persons and migrant issues in hotspots like Aceh.

Following the training, he set up a visit for the Sabang Immigration Office to the BAKAMLA Aceh (Indonesian Maritime Security Agency), meeting with the head of BAKAMLA Aceh station, Captain Wahyu Putra, and his team. Their visit was designed to enhance understanding of each agencies’ roles and functions in carrying out their duties, particularly in the waters of Aceh, which is under BAKAMLA Aceh’s jurisdiction. This visit opened conversations between the Sabang Immigration Office and the Maritime Security Agency of Aceh on the potential arrival of asylum seekers and refugees in Sabang. Sabang is frequently used as a transit point by asylum seekers and refugees due to its location on the Indian Ocean. The visit was covered in the local media.

Fachryan said: “By providing knowledge to the community about the dangers of trafficking in persons, it is hoped that both the community and all of us can prevent trafficking in persons.”


Nurdiansyah, Acting Chief of Investigation of Marine and Air Police at Aceh Regional Police, described how his team have provided social assistance to coastal community residents with support from the Maritime and Water Police Directorate.

After attending our training in Aceh in July 2023, Nurdiansyah said that one of his biggest take aways was to be more empathetic towards the community in the area, and described how he is doing his part in sharing information and best practices with others.

“The knowledge I acquired from the training has given me a sense of empathy towards the coastal community residents who live in simplicity and with limitations.

“I have been involved in providing social assistance (Bansos) to the coastal community residents, which is carried out by the Maritime and Water Police Directorate of Aceh Regional Police. We also offer words of encouragement to help them pursue their own aspirations.

“I am actively sharing information when refugees arrive in Aceh waters, and I am applying the knowledge I gained during the training to handle such situations effectively.”


Jumari, Immigration Analyst in the Aceh Immigration Office, led efforts to share information and knowledge gained at the training with colleagues across local immigration offices. He said:

“After completing the training conducted by the RSO, about 2 weeks later I conducted a socialisation activity to share the knowledge I acquired about handling refugees from foreign countries. My colleagues responded positively, and there was appreciation from friends and superiors for this activity. Many shared their experiences dealing with refugees while working in Jakarta, Nusa Tenggara Barat (West Nusa Tenggara), and other places.”

Building long term capacity

The RSO works with regional partners to support knowledge and skills development of law enforcement officers, maritime and immigration officials, policy makers and counter-trafficking and migration practitioners through regional and national training workshops and online learning.

Building long-term capacity is a core goal, through sustainable delivery approaches and shared ownership of learning objectives with Member States. The RSO Alumni Return to Work Action Plans play an important role in enhancing the reach and impact of the RSO’s training activities.

Following on from the successful delivery of the Training Workshop in Aceh, the RSO will hold a workshop for Malaysian counterparts in Langkawi early next year, where immigration officials face similar challenges in supporting vulnerable migrants.