RSO Constructive Dialogue

The Constructive Dialogue is the RSO's Annual Meeting, bringing together Bali Process Member and Observer States and Organisations at a Senior Official level for two days of dialogue and knowledge exchange across the Bali Process region.
Showcasing progress and understanding priorities
As the RSO's Annual Meeting, the Constructive Dialogue serves as a crucial event in the RSO's calendar to engage across the Bali Process membership, to share learning and showcase progress and achievements across the Bali Process membership, and to ensure that we understand and are responsive to member needs and priorities.


The objectives of the RSO Constructive Dialogue are to:

  • Bring together senior representation across Bali Process Members and Observers, enabling Members to share progress, learning, challenges and priorities, through presentations, formal interventions and dialogue opportunities.
  • Provide Bali Process representatives with a formal point in each calendar year to reflect on progress made, to review and input into the RSO two-year strategy, and to identify future opportunities for cooperation and commit to collective efforts for the year ahead.
  • Support commitments from Bali Process members towards work in the year ahead in line with the RSO Strategy, through proposed opportunities for cooperation and collective efforts. These will be shared and committed to across Members via the Constructive Dialogue Outcome Statement.
  • Secure inputs from Members to reflect on and support updates as needed to the RSO two-year Strategy when the Constructive Dialogue is held in a year where a strategy document is live – and to guide the development of future RSO Strategy.