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08 February 2024 |
Camila Miranda

Camila is a Programme Officer for the Communications and Engagement Team with a diverse background having previously worked for the UN, international organizations, and NGOs. Her expertise spans various social topics, including migration, humanitarian action, sustainability, and human rights.

Recommended Book: Violeta by Isabel Allende

Violeta spans a century of South American history, delving into economic collapse, dictatorship, and natural disasters. Narrated by Violeta del Valle, it traces her life in an unnamed South American country through a detailed letter to her grandson Camilo. The novel vividly portrays the horrors of 1970s dictatorships in South America, where thousands of political opponents were kidnapped, tortured, and murdered, often through Operation Condor, a US-backed alliance among right-wing military governments. Allende, known for her captivating blend of magical realism, strong female protagonists, and exploration of historical and political contexts, weaves a gripping tale that immerses readers in the tumultuous landscape of South American history.