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18 December 2023 |
Claire Quinn

Claire joined the RSO in October 2023 as Programme Manager (Governance and Capability) and is responsible for developing and implementing a governance framework for the RSO as well as developing and maintaining RSO policy and procedures.

Claire has previously led a number of business projects, programmes and portfolios for a number of New Zealand government agencies, including the Ministry for Children, Department of Corrections, the Ministry of Education, the New Zealand Transport Agency and New Zealand Parliamentary Service).

Recommended book : After the Tampa, by Abbas Nazari. The book recounts the authors extraordinary journey during the height of the Taliban’s power in 2001. Faced with the choice of enduring persecution in Afghanistan the Abbas family embarked on a perilous journey from the mountains of Afghanistan to a crowded fishing boat in the Indian Ocean, alongside over 400 asylum seekers. When the fishing boat began to sink, the passengers were rescued by the “Tampa”, a cargo ship.  Abbas and his family were among a few rescued passengers resettled in New Zealand. The narrative spans over two decades, depicting Abbas’s experience living under the Taliban rule, surviving a perilous month at sea and ultimately establishing a new life. “After the Tampa is a power and inspiring story that underscores the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring significance of hope. The book provides an astonishing account of endurance and triumph in the face of adversity”.