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21 September 2023 |
Devmi Dampella

Devmi joined the RSO team in May 2023, and spearheads the portfolio on irregular migration and regional priorities. Devmi supports the RSO to lead research in the areas of natural and humanitarian disasters, and irregular labour migration, among others, with gender and human rights as cross-cutting areas. Her team leads RSO’s initiatives on civil registration and vital statistics specifically targeting hard-to-reach and marginalised communities including refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, stateless persons, and people without documentation.

Further, her team oversees programmes around voluntary return and reintegration assistance for eligible migrants from Bali Process Member States also working closely with the Bali Process Technical Expert Group on Return and Reintegration, strengthening Bali Process’ response to forced labour in selected industries, and responding to the plight of missing migrants.

Devmi has experience in the areas of labour mobility and human development, demand-driven skills development, policy, and global frameworks related to migration, regional and international partnerships and cooperation, and sustainable development. Devmi was previously based in Colombo, Sri Lanka and her experience spans across South Asia, and South-East Asia.

Recommended book: The Professional by Ashok Ferrey – “This wonderfully written book unveils the plight of immigrants and how they often get dragged into a blue-grey twilight world of illegals. There is no doubt that the journey of Chamath, an Oxford graduate, becoming Norton, a Professional, will keep you captivated throughout.”