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18 September 2023 |
Florentina Tudose

Florentina is a Programme Officer in the Irregular Migration and Regional Priorities team. She supports projects related to natural and humanitarian disasters, irregular migration, voluntary return and reintegration of migrants and the inclusion of asylum seekers, refugees, and other hard to reach and marginalised communities in discussions. Florentina also assists in their dissemination through events which bring together policy makers, researchers, government, and non-government representatives.

Florentina joined the RSO in January 2023 as part of the Communications and Engagement team before combining her skills in her current role in October 2023. Prior to that she was based in Malaysia where she assisted refugees and asylum seekers with legal representation and education. Her experience includes working for NGOs in the Netherlands and Malaysia and the Romanian diplomatic mission in Kuala Lumpur.

Outside work, Florentina is passionate about cybersecurity and the protection of information online.

Recommended book: Dune by Frank Herbert; Dune is a tale of politics, religion, and ecology set in a unique universe where water is a scare resource. It many ways, it resembles the world we live in today. It can be turned to for small teachings in patience, fear and adaptability.