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18 September 2023 |
Laitheam Eang

Laitheam Eang is a Management Support Officer at the RSO. Laitheam provides high-level executive and administrative support to the RSO Co-Managers (Australia and Indonesia), RSO Management team, and Bali Process Working Groups. This includes internal and external coordination, key stakeholders engagement, and partnership development.

Laitheam joined the RSO in March 2023 as a Programme Officer on the Countering Trafficking in Persons Programme. In this role, she supported the RSO in engaging with member states, facilitating collaboration, and driving international cooperation for victims’ protection and assistance.

Prior to joining the RSO, Laitheam co-founded Dare & Dream Cambodia, a project that empowers underprivileged students to pursue higher education, dare to dream and become role models in their community. Laitheam holds experience in the areas of communications and partnerships, project management, and social entrepreneurship.

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