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18 September 2023 |
Lindsay Erjavic

Lindsay is Programme Officer in Transnational Crime and Technology and joined the RSO in January 2022. Lindsay supports the team in the organisation of events, projects and research which further the Transnational Crime and Technology Team efforts to support Member States to address new and growing uses of technology to facilitate trafficking in persons and people smuggling, along with the impact of transnational organised crime’s relationship with these technologies.

Lindsay previously worked in the Policy and Partnerships team at the RSO, before moving to the newly formed Transnational Crime and Technology Team in January 2023. Before the RSO, Lindsay worked in Mae Hong Son, Thailand—implementing education and empowerment projects in the refugee camps of Ban Mai Nai Soi and Ban Mae Surin.

Recommended book/podcast: Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo – “This book provides an intimate and deeply researched account of life in the Annawadi slum, located near Mumbai’s international airport. The book underscores how poverty and limited opportunities can push individuals, particularly women and children, into desperate situations where they are more easily exploited.”