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02 February 2024 |
Meg Fitzgerald (current)

Meg joined the RSO as an intern with the Transnational Crime and Technology team in July 2023. Meg assists with event management and operational aspects, and engages in-depth research, analysis, and writing to support the development of written outputs which inform Member States on the relationship between emerging technologies and transnational organised crimes.

Prior to her role at the RSO, Meg interned with the Trafficking in Persons / Smuggling of Migrants Programme at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Regional Support Office for Southeast Asia and the Pacific. She also worked as a paralegal with knowmore Legal Services in Australia, supporting survivors of institutional child sexual abuse to access justice and redress.

Recommended book: One Piece by Eiichiro Oda – “One Piece is a Japanese manga series that tackles political themes with depth and complexity, exploring important issues, including government corruption, censorship, human trafficking, slavery, racial prejudice, and the impact of war, civil uprisings, and coup d’etat on societies. Many of the themes can be related back to real-life events, making One Piece a fictional but thought-provoking read.”