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18 September 2023 |
Rose Wu

Rose is Programme Manager for Communications and Engagement at the RSO. Rose joined the team in September 2022, and supports the RSO to engage proactively with Bali Process members and Working Groups, and to act as a responsive and trusted voice in the region – to ensure profile, impact and reach for the RSO’s programmes and activities.
Rose was previously based in London, UK, where her experience spans strategic, editorial and digital communications and engagement and stakeholder management across the research, higher education and charity sectors.

Recommended book: The Snakehead by Patrick Radden Keefe – “This is an astounding investigation into human smuggling which reads as part documentary, part thriller. The book follows ‘Sister Ping’ who was responsible for bringing at least 3,000 people from Fuzhou to America, and earned a reputation as a ‘living Buddah’ in her home city, as well as a vast personal fortune. The book charts the lives of some of those who made the journey and their fates, the links between the smuggling trade and organised criminal activity, the complex relationship held between migrants and smugglers, and humanises the drive behind people’s desperate journeys and what makes them willing to take such huge risks in the first place”.