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29 August 2023 |
Sally Escutin

Sally is the RSO’s Programme Manager for Counter Trafficking in Persons, and she considers the fight against trafficking in persons as a major focus of her life’s work – having also approached the issue from a policy perspective when she worked as a litigator in the Philippines. At the RSO, Sally leads the RSO’s programme to provide technical support and build capacity across Bali Process Member States to tackle trafficking in persons, promoting a victim-centred and gender-sensitive approach. Sally holds extensive experience in humanitarian, peacebuilding and development work including leading cluster response in emergencies. Her areas of interest are gender, human rights, protection including counter-trafficking, conflict transformation, labour migration, transitional justice, rule of law, and health policy.

Recommended book: The Outlaw Ocean by Ian Urbina – “Growing up in an archipelagic country, I have always been fascinated by the sea. Much of my work has spanned the littoral communities along the Sulu and Celebes Seas, and thus, I am fully aware of the dangers that lurk in the ocean. Ian Urbina’s The Outlaw Ocean is a gripping narrative that provides an unflinching look at criminal activities in the high seas including trafficking of persons and smuggling of migrants.”