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24 June 2024 |
Sarawut Pongsuwan (Current)

Currently, Sarawut is a 4th year student majoring in International Relations and Global Affairs at Mahidol University International College, Thailand. Sarawut joined the RSO as an intern under the Communications and Engagement team in late April 2024. Sarawut supports the RSO Communications & Engagement team in making summaries of RSO activities, sending invitations, and updating news and trends around trafficking in persons, people smuggling, and related transnational crimes. His fields of interest include human rights, migration, politics, and International Relations.   

Recommended book: Human Trafficking in Thailand: Current Issues, Trends, and the Role of the Thai Government.

This book addresses the reality of human trafficking in Thailand, dissecting studies, presenting facts, and dismissing stereotypes. It focuses on the areas of fishing, agriculture, domestic work, sex work, and the trafficking of children, weaving individual narratives and official studies into the wider history of Thailand’s changing economy and labor situation. It also details how the Thai government has addressed the issue, reflects on the roots of human exploitation, and suggests a way forward.