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18 September 2023 |
Will Legge

Will is the Programme Coordinator for Policy, Partnerships and Capacity Development, and joined the RSO in May 2023. Will oversees the RSO’s Countering Trafficking in Persons, Transnational Crime and Technology, and Countering People Smuggling programmes, which support Bali Process Member States by deliver policy guidance, training, and technical expertise.

Prior to working with the RSO, Will has worked for the Australian Government in the immigration and border security space for more than 15 years, where he has held a variety of roles across areas such Refugee and Humanitarian, Compliance, Risk Management, and Border Intelligence. Will brings to the RSO a wealth of experience and understanding of the organised criminality that preys on vulnerable people and is passionate about enhancing Member States’ ability to tackle organised crime profiting from trafficking in persons and people smuggling.

Recommended podcast: Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking: The Podcast is a series exploring the connections between global finance and modern slavery and human trafficking. The podcasts contain insightful interviews with people from a range of backgrounds who are developing and deploying some brilliant financial tools and methodologies to identify and disrupt trafficking in persons, as well as broaden understanding of the vital role the financial sector can play in supporting trafficking victims.